Math SAT/PSAT Prep

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Example Worksheet

I have different shapes. The rectangle is smaller than the triangle. The triangle is larger than the square. The square is smaller than the circle. The pentagon is larger than the rectangle. The octagon is smaller than the pentagon. The dodecagon is larger than the octagon. Which of these cannot be the largest shape?

  1. Triangle
  2. Pentagon
  3. Circle
  4. Square

I have 6 points, and I draw 6 lines between them such that every 2 points are connected by at most 1 line. If every point has at least 1 line connected to it but no more than 6, what’s the maximum number of points with just 1 line connected to them?

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6

Austin, Kyle, Sammy and John are putting together a band. They need a singer, a bass player, a drummer and a guitarist. If Austin can play the bass and sing, Kyle can sing and drum, Sammy and drum and play the guitar, and John can play the guitar, which of these arrangements make sense?

  1. Kyle- drum, Austin- bass, Sammy- sing, John- guitar
  2. Kyle- drum, Austin- sing, Sammy- bass, John- guitar
  3. Kyle- sing, Austin- bass, Sammy- drum, John- guitar
  4. Kyle- sing, Austin- bass, Sammy- guitar, John- drum

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