Math SAT/PSAT Prep

Home of the Hyman Maneuver

Course Syllabus

Course Outline

Overall Schedule

  • 1st Day: Testing and Skills Assessment
  • Day 2-3: Numbers and Operations
  • Day 4-5: Algebra and Functions
  • Day 6-7: Geometry
  • Day 8-9: Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
  • Day 10: Final Testing and Skills Assessment

Daily Schedule

  • Teaching/Examples: 50 mins
  • Problems/Exercises: 40 mins
  • Review/Questions: 30 mins

The final testing will be followed by an email containing notes on which fields and topics the student has a grasp on, has improved on, or still needs help in. The initial and final test results and comments will be delivered to the students after their two-week session has ended. The students will also receive the tests, themselves.

The Hyman Maneuver Prep Course is strictly and exclusively math. The goal is to identify weak areas, dissect the problems and focus on improving comprehension and performance to bring up the overall score. The strategy is simple: choke out the weaknesses.

Just a few wrong answers can radically change a score on the SAT.  So the idea for the course is to focus on the types of questions that could trip up students and make sure they master them.


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